English Credo was created in 2014 with the following objectives:

  • to help fulfil the need for Polish Nationals to learn and/or develop their English Language skills in order to improve their chances of success in examinations, at work and in business.
  • to assist English speakers in Warsaw in finding fun and educational activities offered in the English Language.

We aim to meet these objectives by offering a range of fun and educational classes for everyone from two year old children, just starting to acquire language skills, to teenagers aiming to pass their first national or international examinations and adults hoping to improve their career prospects.

About us:

Hanna Meijer née Pac. ME

My specialism is preschool and early year’s education. In 2011 I published  “ Preschool and Early Years Education in Great Britain after the 1988 reform” – book  based totally on original English language texts (ex.: The Educational Act 1988, OECD reports, UK government White Papers etc.) I also have published articles in the following Polish magazines: Journal of Modern Science The Pedagogical Quarterly, Education and Dialog, Issues in Early Education and also Middle School- A Guide for Teachers. http://www.ceeol.com/aspx/authordetails.aspx?authorid=cdeaf0c2-6736-40b7-85e4-d2ccb516dfdd

I worked for The British School, Warsaw  http://www.nordangliaeducation.com/our-schools/warsaw from 2000 to 2008 during which time I attended a number of courses including ‘The Foundation Stage’ course in Manchester. Since 2001 I have run numerous education related classes, for graduate students at the University of Warsaw http://www.pedagog.uw.edu.pl/REKRUT/  including, Teaching English at School and Early Years Education in Great Britain.

In 2004, whilst working for The Methodological Centre for Psychological and Pedagogical Support, I translated, from English to Polish, the health education program ‘Zippy’s Friends’ licensed to Poland by an English organisation called Partnership for Children. I was a member of the first team from Poland to receive training in the UK to train Polish teachers in the delivery of the program. http://www.pozytywnaedukacja.pl/programy/przyjaciele-zippiego/trenerzy

From 2007 to 2013 I was living in Cairo Egypt where I continued my research on the British education system and I ran some educational projects with the assistance of The British School Al Rehab http://www.tbs-cairo.com/ , started the Polish Club in Cairo https://www.facebook.com/pages/Klub-Polski-w-Kairze/108659255963803  and worked for the British International School in Madinaty .

In 2014 I started English CREDO.



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