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Literacy with Letterlanders – for children aged 5-9 years

English CREDO invites children with some knowledge of English to meet the characters from Letterland – Child-friendly phonics Programme
This programme covers the English National Curriculum requirements for writing and reading. It is designed to practice phonemic hearing skills and memorise the shape and direction of letters. The programme contains many songs and tasks using multimedia educational materials, which favour consolidation of the students learning. Teaching involves the use of TPR methods (Total Physical Response) and lots of educational games.

To sign up please send an e-mail to:

Zippy’s Friends-personal, social and health education for children aged 5-7 years

“Zippy’s Friends” is an international PSHE programme which helps young children to develop their social and personal skills. It teaches how to deal with difficulties in a variety of ways and how to use the acquired skills in everyday life. It also shows ways of improving relationships with other people. The program has been developed by a team of international specialists and has been implemented in many countries around the world, including Poland. Zippy’s Friends classes can be held at the English CREDO premises, as well as in schools and preschools.

To sign up please send an e-mail to:



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