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Journeys to Letterland – English for children aged 3-9 years
The earlier someone starts learning a new language the easier it is for them to assimilate the necessary skills.

We use the Letterland Fix-it Phonics Programme which is a UK government approved programme used for teaching reading and writing, and also teaching English as a Second Language. This programme not only teaches English, but helps to develop phonemic awareness which is very important in learning correct pronunciation. It also enables very young learners to develop pre-writing and pre-reading skills and helps them memorise the shape and direction of the letters.

The programme contains lots of catchy songs; interesting activities and multimedia resources which help students consolidate their knowledge. The teaching is multisensory and adopts Total Physical Response methods.

To see a sample of the Fix-it Phonics Programme please visit the Letterland webpage at English CREDO is also the Letterland educational products provider in Poland. We sell the products minus UK delivery charges and provide workshops on how to use them.

To sign up please send an e-mail to:

English Mummy & English Nanny –English for women with children aged 2-5 years

This English course is for carers who stay at home to look after young children but have a desire to continue their personal development and that of the children in their care.
English CREDO wishes to support carers in this endeavour and provide them with the opportunity to learn English in a manner conducive to the simultaneous learning of the language by themselves and the children they look after.

“English Mummy & English Nanny” is designed to allow carers to use this important developmental period of small children in a manner which benefits both carer and children. Children will have the unique opportunity to practice verbal skills and develop listening sensitivity like children from a bilingual background. They will have an opportunity to learn clear English pronunciation by using their natural predisposition for language learning which disappears if not used as they grow up.

To sign up please send an e-mail to:

English tea

For those who already have some knowledge of English and wish to improve, we offer conversation with a native speaker in an informal setting with a traditional English tea.

To sign up please send an e-mail to:

Teacher training

For details please check our DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES page.


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