The Letterland Fix-it Phonics Programme is a UK programme for teaching English as a Second Language. This programme helps to develop phonemic awareness which is very important in learning correct pronunciation. It also enables very young learners to develop pre-writing and pre-reading skills and helps them memorise the shape and direction of letters.

The programme contains lots of catchy songs; interesting activities and multimedia resources which help students consolidate their knowledge. The teaching is multisensory and adopts Total Physical Response methods.

To see a sample of the Fix-it Phonics Programme you are welcome to visit the Letterland webpage at http://www.letterland.com/products/esl

English CREDO is the Letterland educational products provider in Poland. We sell the products minus UK delivery charges. To find out more, please see the Child- Friendly Phonics -2015 Catalogue.

Price for individual teachers : 5h @ 550zł per person

(One Fix-it Phonics – Teacher’s Pack (Level 1, 2 or 3) http://www.letterland.com/phonics-books/fip-teacher-pack-level-1?country= worth 445 zł included in the workshop price- )

Price for schools: 5h @ 2000zł – maximum 12 persons

(Levels 1,2,3-Fix-it Phonics – Teacher’s Packs  http://www.letterland.com/shop-phonics/esl worth 1335 zł or products of equivalent value included in the workshop price)

Free workshops for groups of parents on school premises: 1h – minimum 12 persons

The workshop shows parents how to support the educational process at home.


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