UK National Curriculum 2014 – WORKSHOP

The National Curriculum (NC) was introduced in the UK by The Education Reform Act of 1988 that unified British schooling. It divided the process of education into graduating stages. Each stage prepares for the next one but the Early Years Education Foundation Stage is considered as crucial for future success. The NC expects schools to provide education that prepares “… pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life”[1]. All schools following the NC are expected to have their own curricula that not only teach students the subject knowledge but also help them to develop skills and understanding within each subject. This is not an easy task for schools especially if the NC content is revised every few years.

English CREDO offers workshops about the latest version of the NC which was implemented in September 2014 and about related statutory guidance publications for schools (e.g.: lesson planning, assessment, behaviour and attendance, early years foundation stage, involving parents and pupils in the education process, special educational / health needs).

Tickets available by e-mail :


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